How do I change the font size of the drop-down-menu of a combobox in Delphi Firemonkey XE7?


I’m trying to change the font size of a combobox in Delphi Firemonkey XE7. The application will be used on a Windows tablet.
It already works so far that the selected item shown in the combobox when “not opened” changes the font size but when I click on the combobox and the drop-down-menu opens, the items in the drop-down-menu have still the default font size. Does anyone know how to fix this?

The source code so far:

for i := 0 to combobox1.Count – 1 do
combobox1.ListBox.ListItems[i].TextSettings.Font.Size := 20;
combobox1.ListBox.ListItems[i].StyledSettings := combobox1.ListBox.ListItems[i].StyledSettings – [TStyledSetting.Size];

Click here to view picture of the described problem.

Thanks in advance!

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