firemonkey/IOS8 Screen draw issue on orientation change


I have an(other) issue with Firemonkey (Delphi XE8) and IOS8 – the screen displaying incorrectly when the orientation changes. I have a very simple firemonkey test app that is built using Delphi XE 8 – just a blank form, when I run it on my IPad (IOS 8.3) it displays ok in portrait mode but when you rotate the screen 90 degrees it redraws the form with what appears to be the same aspect ratio in landscape mode, so I end up with a form that is left justified and only fills half the screen, the other half being a black expanse. I would have expected it to “stretch” to fit the screen area. It seems to behave that way when I run the app on IOS7 and IOS 6 devices (IPhone4 and 3GS).

Have I got this totally wrong or is there an issue with XE8/IOS8 or have I just missed a setting somewhere that will change the form’s behaviour to match what I expect/want?


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