Delphi Blogs of the Week/Month #32


Long time without blogging, but I took 2 weeks off and was very busy last week. Here is a short round of interesting tidbits for Delphi developers.
Company News
Embarcadero opening its focus on more developers, beside those using our IDEs and programming languages. New nice developers landing page at:
. More information will get added to the page over time. Stay tuned.
As an example, AppAnalytics ( is going beyond RAD Studio…
Unexpected Delphi Blog Posts
The last person I’d have expected to start blogging about Delphi is Chuck Jazdzewski, who was one of the original developers of the VCL library and of Delphi itself (and after moved to Microsoft and Google). He had several posts in his blog. They really explain some of the core foundations of Delphi, and titles are quite descriptive: (covering Delphi 1 launch)

And One More Delphi Blog Post

Minecraft in Delphi? Kind of. Read Interesting. I’ve been watching my son play Minecraft, and set up a server for him. Good stuff.
Again, summer vacation is mostly over for me, now get back to work… and to blogging.

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