Can I prevent XE8 from adding System.ImageList?


A Form in XE8 gets automatically the uses System.ImageList added. Like on the embarcadero site is said:

System.ImageList contains the common for both FireMonkey and VCL code implementing the most basic device-independent features of image lists. System.ImageList contains the code supporting interaction between images in an image list and using them components (like controls, menu items, and so on).

But my colleagues are mostly still using XE7. Now, they need to remove that uses constantly after my commit. My XE8 automatically adds this uses when I would remove it. I could remove the uses before I commit with another editor of course. But it would be more productive when I could prevent XE8 from adding this part of code. Or would Firemonkey and VCL stop working properly?

So my question is: Can I prevent XE8 from adding System.ImageList to my uses in a Form?

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