Bidirectional Bindings in FMX


I’m quite new to Embarcaderos C++ Builder and tried to create a LiveBinding with a custom created Component.
The problem is: all properties I created can only read data (it is always an unidirectional link).

#ifndef Component1H
#define Component1H
#include <System.SysUtils.hpp>
#include <System.Classes.hpp>
class PACKAGE TComponent1 : public TComponent
int m_counter;
__fastcall TComponent1(TComponent* Owner);

__property int Counter = {read = m_counter, write = m_counter};

(I got [dial-Value]—–>[Component1-counter] and want: [Dial-Value]<—–>[Component1-Counter])

All I found are Delphi solutions… (e.g. [ObservableMember(‘Counter’)] ) and
But my Delphi knowledge is practically nonexistent.

Can somebody help me with a C++ solution?

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