23 Awesome Platform Native Components For Delphi XE8 Firemonkey On Mac OSX


TMS Software has released a new version of their TMS mCL component suite for Delphi XE8 Firemonkey. TMS mCL is specifically for Mac OSX and does not include components for Android, IOS, or Windows. There are over 23 different components in the suite that wrap native OSX controls like WebView, PDFView, NSTableView, and NSLabel. TMS mCL works similar to how the Delphi VCL works to wrap native Windows controls except in this case it wraps the Mac OSX controls within the FMX framework. You should be able to mix these mCL controls with normal FMX controls on the same form. Some of these controls (like TTMSFMXNativeNSRichTextView) provide additional functionality that is not found in the controls that ship with Delphi XE8 Firemonkey. You can also utilize these components in your multiplatform apps by creating them at runtime using IFDEFs. This is a commercial component suite that includes source code but a free trial is available. Additionally, you can get this component suite as part of TMS Component Studio for FireMonkey which is a bit cheaper than if you buy all of their Firemonkey components separately. These components should also be able to work with Appmethod though they might need slight modification in the package files. Here is a full list of components in TMS mCL:
TMSFMXNativeNSTableView, TMSFMXNativeNSToolbar, TMSFMXNativeNSImageView, TMSFMXNativePDFView, TMSFMXNativePDFThumbnailView, TMSFMXNativeNSButton, TMSFMXNativeNSTextField, TMSFMXNativeNSLabel, TMSFMXNativeNSLevelIndicator, TMSFMXNativeNSProgressIndicator, TMSFMXNativeNSTabView, TMSFMXNativeNSPopover, TMSFMXNativeNSDatePicker, TMSFMXNativeNSComboBox, TMSFMXNativeNSStepper, TMSFMXNativeNSRadioButton, TMSFMXNativeNSCheckBox, TMSFMXNativeNSTextView, TMSFMXNativeNSScrollView, TMSFMXNativeWebView, TMSFMXNativeNSSlider, TMSFMXNativeNSPopupButton, and TMSFMXNativeNSOutlineView.
Head over to check out the full list of features in the TMS mCL component suite for Delphi XE8 Firemonkey on Mac OSX.

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