Teaching Kids How to Code


How important is it for kids to learn to program? Programming teaches all sorts of valuable skills for the developing mind, such as planning, perseverance when things are not working well and problem-solving. 
Today’s youth are growing up embracing apps and devices. So it makes sense that they would thrive in an environment that encourages the discovery of how these apps are built. When given the opportunity and resources, school kids can easily learn and master the valuable art and science of coding.
 Embarcadero Technologies recognises that teaching our kids the discipline of software programming is not only a valuable investment of time and money, but is more important than ever before. The world needs new industries, new skills and new technologies to thrive. 
According to Malcolm Groves, Senior Director for Embarcadero Technologies, Asia Pacific Region, the foundations for developing programming skills can be taught through coding in schools. “Programming is not exclusive to certain people- it is a skill that can be learned given the opportunity and right resources. We need to equip our teachers and students with the tools and support they need.”
Embarcadero believes that one of the factors crippling the software industry is a lack of computer science opportunities in schools that will create ever-increasing talent gaps in the years to come. To help bridge that gap, Embarcadero has partnered with Appsolute Software, an organisation that has been facilitating programming classes with schools in Auckland, New Zealand for a number of years. The objective of the project is to teach students how to program software, expand their skills, and drive their enthusiasm. 

As part of the partnership, Embarcadero donated licenses of Appmethod, a complete multi-device App development environment for mobile and for the Internet of Things (IoT), to The Gardens School in Manurewa, South Auckland, where 25 students will be introduced to app development as part of the curriculum under The Aoraki Project. Using Appmethod, these students will use the Object Pascal programming language to create a photography app that can be used by other students and educators at the school using Apple hardware.
Each of the students in the program has an iPad of their own and access to a MacBook Pro. Where Apple hardware is not available in a school, Windows and Android devices can be substituted without affecting how programming courses are conducted. With Appmethod the apps the students develop run natively on iOS and Android. 
Appsolute has already received interest in the The Aoraki Project from other schools keen on introducing App development to their students. Plans are now underway to expand the project. Embarcadero is excited about the potential of this program and is looking forward to seeing the results from these talented students.

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