Setting Firemonkey control font programmatically in C++


I have a custom Firemonkey control that extends TEdit which is dynamically created on a form. I am attempting to set it’s font size when it is created using:

Search->Font->Size = 15;

However, the font remains unchanged on the control.

I have another control of the same type that is already on the form which I can change the font size programmatically. I noticed with this control, that if the Size setting is set to false in the StyledSettings properties I can change the font, whereas if the Size setting is set to true, I cannot change the font size.

So, when I create my custom control, I am trying to programmatically set the Size property to false, however I cannot figure out how to do so.

I have tried:

Search->StyledSettings.Size = false;


Search->StyledSettings = ListBox->StyledSettings – [TStyledSetting.ssSize];

neither of which will even compile. How can I make sure this property is removed on my custom control at run time? Or is there another way I should be setting its font?

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