Setting a Firemonkey control OnMouseMove method


I have a custom control for which I am trying to define an OnMouseMoveFunction. Essentially, the control functions as a search bar, and is made up of an edit box with a child custom TGrid control for displaying results. I am handling several mouse events for the TGrid already, however when trying to implement OnMouseMove I am getting the following error when I try to set the TGrid OnMouseMove method:

E2034 Cannot convert ‘void (_fastcall * (_closure )(TMouseMoveEvent))(TMouseMoveEvent)’ to ‘TMouseMoveEvent’

Here is the piece of the header file where the function is defined:

void __fastcall GridMouseMove( TMouseMoveEvent * MouseEvent );

Here is the actual function inside the control’s CPP file:

void __fastcall TFmSearchBar::GridMouseMove( TMouseMoveEvent * MouseEvent )
//handle event here

Up to this point everything will compile just fine. However, when I go to assign the TGrid’s OnMouseMoveEvent handler to the method I have assigned, I get the error.

void __fastcall TFmSearchBar::SetGridProperties()
FGrid->OnKeyDown = GridKeyDown;
FGrid->OnClick = GridClick;
FGrid->OnMouseEnter = GridMouseEnter;
FGrid->OnMouseLeave = GridMouseLeave;
FGrid->OnMouseMove = GridMouseMove; //This line causes the error

What am I missing that is causing this not to build?

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