Need help to find FireMonkey equivalent of the VCL TpaintBox.Canvas.Handle in the context of building graph


I’m working with Black Magic Design (BMD) Decklink input card to acquire HD video signal. They provide C++ Sample with their SDK. I’ve successfully translated the c++ sample into Delphi (VCL). I’ve also isolated the API call in a TDecklink witch I want it to be available to the Delphi community. It work very well in VCL (I can provide the TDecklnk with a demo app to use it if requested).

Now I need to acquire the signal in a FMX form (but not crosscompile to other platform than Windows). I’ve tried to modify the TDecklink to be usable in FMX without success.

Core Question:
In my VCL version, I pass a TPaintBox refference to my TDecklink. The TPaintBox is used by the GraphBuilder as area to display the live video.

Here is some line of code I use in the VCL version to assign the TPaintBox to the GraphBuilder:

pWnd := WindowFromDC(FpboxPreview.Canvas.Handle); //WindowFromDC retreive HWND from HDC
hr:= pIVMRWindowlessCtrl.SetVideoClippingWindow(pWnd); // set the bounds of the video to the preview window
if hr = S_OK then
previewRect.Left := FpboxPreview.Left;
previewRect.Right := FpboxPreview.Width;
previewRect.Top := FpboxPreview.Top;
previewRect.Bottom := FpboxPreview.Height;
hr:= pIVMRWindowlessCtrl.SetVideoPosition(nil, @previewRect); // show the whole of the source frame in the whole of the client area of the control
hr:= pIVMRWindowlessCtrl.SetAspectRatioMode(VMR_ARMODE_LETTER_BOX); // maintain the aspect ratio of the video
hr:= pIVMRWindowlessCtrl.SetBorderColor(GetSysColor(COLOR_BTNFACE)); // set the colour of the letter or pillar boxed area

Where PWnd is a HWND

In FMX, what is the best component and parameter to use to provide what the GraphBuilder expect to receive ?

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