Listview´s searchbox only fetch list item by Item text not including search by item details


I am using a custom listview which makes possible to add 4 details below the item text.

And when i do a search for the item text it works fine

But when i try to search for something in the item detail it does not fetch any data.

also i am using a ListViewMultiDetail assigned as a TlistView. This class uses all that TListView had by default and adds some modifications to details. you can find an example at:

C:UsersPublicDocumentsEmbarcaderoStudio16.0SamplesObject PascalMobile SamplesUser InterfaceListViewSampleListViewMultiDetailAppearance
I dont have any code on top of this since the searchbox does the search atomatically

Note: this works on listboxes, but since i am using images and multiple details on my listview componnent i can´t change to istbox. Also this example is available since XE6 as far as i know.

i would post some pics but i dont have the rep yet

Finally is there a way i can change the field the searchbox componnent searches for?

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