Firemonkey how to implement app drawer-style tab control


I’m going around in circles trying to solve this.
Basically I have a tab control on my Firemonkey android app and can swipe left or right to change tabs and it works fine.

I would like to enhance the swiping so it behaves more like the android app drawer. What I mean by that is if you longtap and slowly slide your finger left or right the screen contents moves left/right with your finger as opposed to what I have now where it only moves a whole screen at a time and not slowly underneath your finger.

A THorzScrollBox is close to the effect I want but it doesn’t “snap” onto a single screen but instead can leave your screen half and half on two pages.

Am I making sense here?

I’m using XE8 but I couldn’t get it working on earlier versions either!

Many thanks,


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