Delphi XE5 IDE bug – impossible to select some controls


I started to code an FMX Metro application with Delphi XE5 and used standard delphi sample to begin with. After adding 5 new forms to the project I started to add controls to one of the split panes and tune LiveBindings. After several hours the IDE stopped to respond to my attempts to select controls by clicking on them. It is still possible to select controls in the ‘Structure’ tool window, but when I click on a control on the form it selects the top-level parent control containing the clicked component – TVertScrollBox. This happens only in the part of one form when I select components contained in TVertScrollBox or in embedded containers. Other controls can be selected. Sending controls to back/front does not change enything.

Has anyone met the bug or does anybody know how to resolve the issue?

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