Delphi Blogs of the Week/Month #30


It has been a while (really going for for monthly posts, than weekly ones these days), but here is another round of useful links for Delphi developers.
XE8 and Windows 10
There is a lot of information floating around about the current support for Windows 10 in RAD Studio XE8. Here are some links:

My blog post on BUILD conference at

5 steps to prepare for Windows 10 at

My community article on building applications for Windows 10 in XE8 at

Sarina’s blog post covering the new Windows 10 style for the VCL at

The custom VCL style download at

XE8 Mobile Tidbits

The iOS 8 simulator beta hotfix for XE8 at

A set of ready to use libraries from JVESoft at

A very interesting (even if not complete) native Object Pascal barcode library at 

And More

A not-so-recent MVP tweets of the week collection at

And a great video done by Embarcadero (and explaining the XE8 marketing images) on YouTube, as you can see below:




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