Amsterdam Smartcity Hackathon 2015


Last week I have been participating in The Appsterdam Smart City Challenge 2015 in one-person Embarcadero team. My Delphi XE8 mobile app “Multilanguage Mile” did not get to the Top 5, but it was a very interesting and inspiring event.

The hackathon took place in the Amsterdam ArenA stadion. It was the very first time that anybody was allowed to stay over night in Ajax ArenA. There was 65 developers and designers in 12 teams competing in building innovative apps for smart cities!

There were also live datasets made available to participants with all kinds of urban information to be explored with Google BigQuery. They are still available here

During these days we could see how the stadium has been transforming from a massive karaoke festival into a regular football playing field for the friendly The Netherlands-USA match.

On the last day every team had 60 seconds to do a live pitch, followed by prerecorded 60 seconds movie showing the solution. My app initially was called “Amsterdam Beacon Mile Explorer”, but then I have renamed it to just “Multilanguage Mile”.
Here is my original pitch:-)
My name is Paweł. I’m from Poland. The only language I know is Polish. I just got out of the train on Amsterdam Centraal and need to make it for this very important EU meeting in Amsterdam Marine Terrain.
But I do not understand signs! I cannot read any information! I’m totally lost…
Wait! There is hope for me! I have “Multilanguage Mile” mobile app! I only need to select “Polish” as my preferred language and instantly I get information about signs and everything that surrounds me in a language I can understand. My app can even talk to me, so I do not have to read all this information.
The “Multilanguage Mile” app is using Amsterdam Beacon Mile sensors to provide tourists with augmented reality experience. With beacons my app can have very precise location data, that can be used to provide me with the relevant information in the way I can understand.
And that’s just a beginning. “Multilanguage Mile” app can easily be scaled up to other cities, shopping malls, airports, stadiums and much more! The imagination is the only limit!
Thank You!
Here is the architecture overview of my app.

And here some screenshots.

I was the only one to use Embarcadero Delphi XE8 and that gave me very big advantage of being able to create natively compiled iOS, Android and Mac versions of my app from the very same source code. This combined with using high-level reusable components like “TBeacon” or “TMapView” was absolutely great to very quickly get from the idea to a complete app.
Next year we are going to have a bigger team!
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