20 years ago today: Here’s a nickel kid. Go buy yourself a real computer.


An eternal Dilbert strip that is based on the tiny Here’s a nickel kid. Go buy yourself a real computer fragment from single.h:
#if _FP_W_TYPE_SIZE < 32
#error “Here’s a nickel kid. Go buy yourself a real computer.”

20 years ago, we were in the autumn of the 16-bit computing era, the heydays of the 486 family of processors. While Delphi 95 still being 16-bit, but Windows 95 trying to bridge the gap between 16-bit DOS / Windows 3.x programs and the 32-bit Windows NT world. Linux and 68000 both were far ahead in the 32-bit world.
By then Dilbert didn’t even have it’s own domain, but it ran in Europe in some magazines
10 years later, it was on the cover of Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment (2nd Edition):
Here’s a nickel, kid. Get yourself a better computer. By scottadams@aol.com. Epic.
Now we are well into the 64-bit era (in 1995 few systems like DEC Alpha and PowerPC used), even the mobile world (could you imagine that in 1995?) uses 64-bit (ARM has won there, but who will have won the desktop and server world in 10 years from now?).

Here’s a Nickel, Kid.
Blast from the Past: Buying a Computer in 1995 | Commentary content from SuperSite for Windows.
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