Why is the ampersand missing in Firemonkey combo?


When you create a Delphi project and add a combobox and set ComboBox1.Items.Add(‘Zebra & Zulu’) it shows “Zebra & Zulu” when you dropdown the list. Perfect.

When you create a Firemonkey project and add a comboxbox or comboedit and set ComboBox1.Items.Add(‘Zebra & Zulu’) or ComboEdit1.Items.Add(‘Zebra & Zulu’) it shows “Zebra Zulu” (no ampersand shows) when you dropdown the list. However, when you select it using the comboedit the text field part shows “Zebra & Zulu”. Just weird.

Now there is a work around (sort of) but to me it is questionable. Add a second ampersand and the dropdown list shows the ampersand. However, adding the second ampersand shows up on the comboedit text field part. Bad.

My question is can you force these combo controls dropdown list to show the ampersand? And why is the ampersand missing in the first place?

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