RAD Studio XE8 Lunch and Learn with David I – Wednesday May 13 at 12noon EDT and 12noon PDT


The new release of RAD Studio XE8 brings increased capabilities and developer productivity for Delphi and C++Builder developers building Windows applications and multi-device solutions. I am looking forward to spending two lunch times with developers in the US and Canada on Wednesday May 13. Okay, it will be just after breakfast for me on the 12noon EDT and the live online workshop and starts just before lunch in the Central Daylight Time zone, but we will still have fun – bring your own breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner or late night snack depending on where you are in the world.
Learn about the features and benefits of using Embarcadero’s latest versions of RAD Studio XE8 and Appmethod for cross-platform app development. These products allow you to build apps using a single-source codebase (either Object Pacal or C++) that compiles down to native executables for Windows, Mac OS X, Apple iOS, and Android, including universal binaries for iOS (both ARMV7 and ARM64).
RAD Studio XE8 Lunch & Learn Webinar Wednesday, May 13, 2015 9:00am Pacific / 11:00am Central / 12:00pm Eastern 12:00pm Pacific / 1:00pm Central / 3:00pm Eastern
Join me for two hours and you’ll learn how to:

Make the most of your VCL Windows applications in a connected world
Move existing code up to new levels of scalability, performance and integration
Extend existing code and build new apps to embrace mobile, new devices and Internet of Things
Utilize high-performance, easy-to-use, enterprise database connectivity
Embrace the latest compilers and toolchains
Be the most productive you have ever been – for Windows and beyond!
…and much more!

The workshop will include detailed technical demonstrations and live Q&A.
Register now at http://forms.embarcadero.com/RADXE8LunchandLearnWebinar. Remember to choose one of the session times. I look forward to seeing you live online on Wednesday May 13.
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