how to create custom keyboard for my app


I need to create custom keyboard for some TEdit in my (and only my) application for iOS8. Other edit`s need default iPad keyboard.

In Objective-C it`s look simple – just create UIView and assign it to myTextField.inputView (

How can i do it in FMX (Delphi XE7)?

UITextField declared in iOSapi.UIKit.pas and its corresponding control is TiOSNativeEdit in FMX.Edit.iOS.pas.
In TEdit its used in PresentationProxy property, but only if ControlType = Platform.
For example:

intf: UITextField;
if edit1.PresentationProxy.HasNativeObject
and (edit1.PresentationProxy.NativeObject.QueryInterface(UITextField, intf) = S_OK) then
edit1.Text := ‘Success’
edit1.Text := ‘Failed’;

After get UITextField interface (i think) you can do something like this:


But… i use styled controls, so this method not right for me.

So I have to emulate a keyboard using TFrame, TLayout, etc…

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