Firemonkey FTDI XE7 d2xx.jar drivers


I am working on project with FT232RL using d2xx Android drivers, on firemonkey XE7.

Android tablet <-> USB FT232RL card.

I manage to create unit (Androidapi.JNI.d2xx.pas) from d2xx.jar using Java2OP,add it to Libraries, compile and build. But when i try to use some class i only get errors. I try:

context:= SharedActivityContext;
D2xxManager := TJD2xxManager.Create; // fragmentation error
devCount := D2xxManager.createDeviceInfoList(context);


D2xxManager := TJD2xxManager.JavaClass.getInstance(SharedActivityContext);

devCount := D2xxManager.createDeviceInfoList(SharedActivityContext);
//Java class JD2xxmanager could not be found

Created Unit Androidapi.JNI.d2xx.pas
main form Unit1

Is my Androidapi.JNI.d2xx.pas failing or wrong way to call java bridged class ?
Did anyone manage to do something like this ?

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