Conferences Last Week London and DDD From Remote


Last week I’ve spoken to a Delphi conference in London, and after that I’ve attended online Q&A sessions at the Delphi Developer Days events in OsLo and Frankfurt.
Spring Delphi Conference, London
The London Spring Delphi Conference was a community event sponsored and promoted by Embarcadero. There were local and Embarcadero speakers, plus Bruno Fierens who showcased among others a new great FireMonkey component, a time planner. The event was also in a great location, London’s National History museum. Here are some pictures.


Delphi Developer Days, Online Q&A
At Delphi Developer Days 2015, organized by Cary Jensen with Ray Konopka this year, I gave a keynote in Amsterdam (late April), which Cary recorded. For the following European stops they replayed my recording and later I joined for an online audio and video Q&A session. I t was really a pleasure for me and I think attendees appreciated it *yes, being there in person would have been better, but there is so much one can do).
Here are pictures of me speaking, to the audience… wondering if I should move to a nicer looking section of my office in the future.


Next, Far East
I’m going to be in Japan (next week) and China (the following one). If you live in those countries (or nearby), I’ll be happy to see you in Osaka, Tokyo, or Beijing.

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