Changing from style to new style for Showmessage/MessageBox using Delphi XE8


I’m using Delphi XE8 for Developing Android application. And When I have used Showmessage / MessageBox, the application is showing the old style message box (i.e., Android 2.3 style message Box) and it is not showing the platform dependent new style mesasge Box (i.e., KitKat/Lolipop Version styled Messagebox). And how can I able to implement the platform dependent new style ?

And I have tried the below link:
Changing from old style to new style for MessageBox.

And the above link is working for Delphi XE7 but in Delphi XE8, the change is already implemented. But still it is not working. Should I need to do any change for implementing this..?

And Thanks in Advance.

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