Where in the world are programmers using Delphi?


There have been a couple of polls posted on the Google+ Delphi Developer Community by Stefan Glienke (Embarcadero MVP, blogger and developer of Delphi based software including DUnitX). Two of Stefan’s recent polls in the G+ Delphi community asked when members first started using Delphi and also how old they are. The polls were only for G+ Delphi Community members and not necessarily a representative sample of the global Delphi developer community.  There was a comment in the developer age poll that wondered where Delphi developers are located. This prompted my to do one of my SQL queries of our registered customer database to see what the top countries look like. The following is the top 15 list of countries where Delphi developers registered their products.
Where are the Delphi Developers
The top 15 countries with Delphi developers (paid versions, NOT free or trial or pirated) are

United States
Great Britain
South Africa
South Korea

If your country is not in the top 15, download RAD Studio XE8, try it and then purchase it and maybe your country will move up the list. No matter where you live, you’ll find Delphi developers across the planet Earth. There are Delphi developers in 241 Countries and Principalities with top level Internet domain suffixes. We are still waiting for someone to register a Delphi product for .AC (Ascension Island, Saint Helena and Tristan da Cunha) and a couple of others!
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