IOS 8.1.3 And 8.2 Deployment Hotfix For Delphi XE7 Firemonkey On IOS


Embarcadero has released a hotfix for deploying to IOS 8.1.3/8.2 in Delphi XE7 Firemonkey. Apparently changes that Apple made to entitlement files caused some issues with deploying from Delphi XE7. There have been ways to correct this issue manually but this hotfix automates the process and makes it easier to deploy to the latest versions of IOS with Delphi XE7. Apparently this hotfix is being made available to all Delphi XE7 customers and not just Update Subscription customers. Here is the text about the hotfix:
This patch for RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder XE7 addresses the changes to signing and provisioning profiles affected by the iOS 8.1.3 and 8.2 update. Although iOS 8.1.3 and 8.2 shipped several months after the release of XE7 and several workarounds have been published, this patch automates the deployment process as it was originally designed in XE7. Updates, hot fixes, and patches are provided exclusively to customers with an active Update Subscription, however, this particular critical patch is being provided to all XE7 customers.

And here is the contents of the readme file:
This Beta hotfix addresses the following issue:
Unable to deploy application to iOS device running iOS 8.1.3 or iOS 8.2.
This zip contains files to address the issue
If you performed the previous workaround from Embarcadero, then you should do the following:
1. Cd %appdata%
2. Del EmbarcaderoBDS15.0Entitlement.TemplateiOS.xml
Perform the following steps:
1. Copy this zip file to your install directory.
2. Extract the zip
3. cd bin
4. Run tregsvr.bat in administrator mode
5. Copy PAServerPAServer15b.0.pkg to your Mac and install it.
One hotfix is for the Delphi XE7 Pro + Mobile Add On Pack and the other hotfix is for Delphi XE7 Enterprise and above. You can also upgrade to Delphi XE8 which takes care of this deployment issue as well.
Head over to Embarcadero Code Central and download the Delphi XE7 Firemonkey Pro + Mobile Add On Pack Hotfix for IOS 8.1.3 and 8.2.
Head over to Embarcadero Code Central and download the Delphi XE7 Firemonkey Enterprise and above Hotfix for IOS 8.1.3 and 8.2.

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