Invalid Launch Image error uploading IPA with Application Loader ERROR ITMS-90094


I’m trying to upload an .ipa file via Apple’s Application Loader utility on my Mac. When I do, I get this error:

ERROR ITMS-90094: “Invalid Launch Image – Your app contains a launch
image with a size modifier that is only supported for apps built with
the iOS 6.0 SDK or later.”

The app is built using the iOS 8.2 SDK in Embarcadero RAD Studio XE7 / C++ Builder. I have created a valid Adhoc Distribution mobile provision, which is on my Mac and used by PAServer 15.0 & Xcode 6.2 to compile the app. I have properly defined that in my Project Properties | Provisioning for Adhoc distribution on the iOS platform. I have changed to Release mode, and under Configuration I choose Adhoc via the Project Manager. I clean the app first, then Build it, and then Deploy it. When I’m done, I get a valid .ipa file that runs perfect on my test devices.

According to Apple this issue occurs when you build your app with iOS SDK 5.1 or earlier, but include the Default-568h@2x.png image (for iPhone 5’s 4-inch retina display support). It says to resolve this issue build your app against the iOS 6.0 SDK or greater. But as I stated, I am using the iOS 8.2 SDK. I’ve also tried 8.1, and those are the only 2 iOS SDK versions I even have installed on my system.

It says if you do not intend to build your app against iOS 6 SDK, then remove the Default-568h@2x.png from your project. I tried removing this file, and the error goes away but then you get another error: “iPhone 5 Optimization Requirement – Your binary is not optimized for iPhone 5.”

It must somehow be detecting the wrong version from the IPA file (which I can only assume is somehow an issue on the RAD Studio side of the equation, as opposed to Xcode or a ton of other people would be having this issue). Other posts use terms like “Deployment Target”, “Base SDK” and “Target SDK”.

I believe I have set all of these correctly, but how can I fix it so the IPA generated by XE7 is properly detected by Application Loader as being built with a later SDK than iOS 6.0?

Resolutions I’ve tried (without success):

Most of the search results say to build with a newer version of Xcode (at least 5 or later), but I’m using the latest Xcode version 6.2. Note: Everywhere it says ver 6.0, I also tried 7.0. Project Options refers to Target: All configurations – iOS Device platform.
This guy had the same problem, and says to verify all your Project Options | Application images are the correct sizes. I’ve verified that mine are. He also recommends that you ensure you are building with release versions of Apple’s iOS SDKs. Via Tools | Options | Environment Options | SDK Manager, select the iPhoneOS 8.x and click “Update Local File Cache”. This also didn’t help.
First he recommends you create a custom Info.plist file under Project | Deployment. Then to fix the invalid image problem, he says you need to add the MinimumOSVersion key and set it 6.0.Add to<key>MinimumOSVersion</key>
Since I can only post 2 links, this next one you will have to search at under Answers for “Problems deploying for iOs 8.1” for the original post.
Here they recommend you install Hotfix 30036 “Hotfix for Submitting iOS Applications to Apple AppStore” – which I did. They also suggested on Project Options | Delphi Compiler | Compiling, adding “–ios-version-min:6.0” to Additional options to pass to the compiler. Not sure if that would affect me since I’m using BCB, but I tried it too.
An article on stackoverflow describes how to use otool and grep on the .IPA file to determine version info. So I unzipped my ipa file, ran otool w/ grep on it, which returned this output:cmd = LC_VERSION_MIN_IPHONEOScmdsize = 16version = 7.0sdk = 7.1While it doesn’t say 8.1 or 8.2 as I’d expect, both versions are 7+. This is definitely newer than 6.0, so there must be somewhere else Application Loader is getting the version from.
Changed Project Options | C++ Linker: Advanced: Minimum iOS version supported to 6.0.
Changed Project Options | Delphi Compiler | Linking: Minimum iOS version supported to 6.0.
Tried creating a brand new blank Multi-Device Application, provisioning it and uploading it via Application Loader. This fails with the same exact error.

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