How to ensure that messages sent with TTetheringAppProfile.SendStream were delivered properly?


I have a simple mobile app, that takes a series of photos and sends it via SendStream() to the connected Profile.


The occurring problem here is that the receiver-app doesn’t get all the image-streams depending on the connection-strength (The ResourceReceived-Event isn’t triggered on the receiver-app).

This would be no problem if I get a response that the delivery failed. But I don’t get this (SendStream() returns “True”)

Is there a possibility other than implementing a “please answer with another message if you received my image”-function to achieve stable transmissions even with bad connection? Or is App-Tethering by default designed to be lossy?

Also after a big stack of images I sometimes get the “connection reset by peer”-error. (I’m not sure if this error is related to the actual problem, so I preferred posting it.)

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