Delphi XE8 things I learned from the second week of G+ reading


General XE8 news:

Delphi Library Guidelines | The Art of Delphi Programming.
DST issue when converting DateTime: Can someone point me to the problem? I have this code: var dt, dt2:….
Delphi is not a cross-compiler, but a set of cross-compilers – Synopse.
Delphi IDE Colorizer Now supports RAD Studio XE8 | The Road to Delphi.
Castalia even breaking on code pasting: How can I disable Castalia in XE8?.
Confusion about recharge and other subscriptions: Anyone here bought a license recharge for Delphi XE7? If so, any options from….
(on my opinion: when Embarcadero heavily discounts the current Delphi version, then you need to start thinking about your ordering/subscription; they do about 2 rounds per year on this).
There covariance and contravariance in Delphi? On the brittle built-in Generic Collections (Spring4D is much better) and the variance/covariance issues.
The History of Castalia. Or how it filled the gap that CodeRush for Delphi left behind. (And is about as stable).
JSON and REST issues: Delphi XE8 has a bug in tjson.ObjectToJsonObject ! same source in XE7 marshall….
Delphi code of the day: function UTF8ToString(const S: array of Byte): string;….

Components/tools/libraries updated to XE8:

Modelmaker Code Explorer 11.2.0 has XE8 support.
Modelmaker 11.8.0 has XE8 support.
Delphi Dev. Shell Tools Supports RAD Studio XE8.
All the Mitov Software’s Delphi and C++ Builder libraries….
The Mitov.Runtime library has been updated to support Delphi XE8….
Delphi in disguise: Appmethod 1.16 Spring Release – Now Available! – Appmethod Blog.
Livebindings alternative: The OpenWire has been updated to version 7.6 on Sourceforge.
TMS Cloud Pack v2.9 ( ) released….
A new version of #UniDAC is available..
The RAD Studio IDE plugin DDevExtensions 2.83 for XE8 is now available.
MadExcept 4 for XE8 has been officially release and can be found at

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