Delphi XE8 things I learned from the first week of G+ reading


It has CHM help. Yay! The best new feature in XE8 can be seen by pressing F1. Oh, how did I miss a….
GetIt is cool. Not NuGet level yet, but a good start. Is there any way to change the default GetIt URL for the Rest API….
App Analytics is nice. Finally someone listened to Why Software Sucks by David S Platt and introduced some measurement.
You need to pay for hotfixes. From the FAQ: Can I obtain updates and hotfixes without a subscription? An….
This is causing some stir. Hello! I tried to add a new XE8 to the cart (I don’t actually have the money….
Still ambivalent to VCS support in the IDE, but there are now Git Integration enhancements in RAD Studio XE8.
Always install the full RAD studio; installing only limited personalities forgets a file: Do you have  libiOSDevice64Releaselibsqlite.a  in your XE8 installation? Or….
Generics and arrays are slower. FireDAC has some incompatibilities: XE8 Findings Found some minor tweaks in XE8. Will add to this post as I find….
Sort of transcript of the XE8 webinar: The Embarcadero webinar for what’s new in XE8 will start in about a minute.….
Maybe Delphi apps become less design centric and easier to maintain:

New approach of development of FireMonkey control “Control — Model — Presentation”. Part 2. TEdit with autocomplete | Brovin Yaroslav.
New approach of development of FireMonkey control “Control – Model – Presentation”. Part 1 |  Yaroslav Brovin – Google+.

F0248 error sometimes means you wrote invalid code: Porting from XE7 to XE8: Internal Compiler Error F2048 using a interface in a….
DBField optimisations can make your data centric apps a lot faster: Happy about DBField optimization in XE8 … This leads to a 25% performance….
{$IF defined(MSWINDOWS) and not defined(NEXTGEN)} – XE8 first impressions Installed RadStudio XE8 (Pro) last night and these are….
If they’d documented the #1 as being Unicode U+0001 START OF HEADING it would have made this much more clear: are you kidding me ? for years Embarcadero says that String is not a place to….
Spring4D 1.2 will introduce the WeakReference type that does all that. Igor Belyh – Google+.
Better disable Castalia for now. Anyone knows how to disable castalia in XE8? A lot of errors, IDE becomes….
wuppdi·StylerXE8 tool for XE8 – Get rid of the wrong font size and blue toolbar | Andy’s Blog and Tools.
DCU patches to get Byte-Strings for XE8’s mobile compilers | Andy’s Blog and Tools.
TerraData connection is called TData. Good that FireDAC and IBX support ChangeViews. Database updates in Delphi XE8 & C++ Builder XE8.
Nice Blog post “What’s New in Delphi XE8 for VCL developers” at….
Not all “Work-as-Expected” resolutions actually fix the problem: Can someone please check if following issues still exist in XE8. JSON….
No torrents, though publishing these with good SHA-1 hashes could make downloads a lot faster. Delphi Insider: Download Links for Delphi XE8, RAD Studio XE8 and C++Builder XE8.
FMX Application termination doesn’t fully terminate…  I’ve just noticed that IFMXApplicationService.Terminate doesn’t….
Interface and Generic Class Helper support for Delphi are still wanted.
Few memory leaks fixed when compiling large projects so the people having Very very annoying, XE7 is unusable! Out of memory, exceptions, very slow, etc.… need to wait longer.
Castalia in XE8 does less than the full version for XE7 so What exactly are features in Castalia better than those in CnPack? but be careful: in XE8, CnPack can bite Castalia: I have installed XE8 Trial ver. When starting XE8 I get an AV in….

Components and tools that work with XE8:

ESBCS for VCL v6.6 is now available – and this includes support for the just….
CnPack has released a version for XE8 –
Parnassus Bookmarks supports XE8.
OmniThreadLibrary works fine with XE8 is out ….
Fixed by Code: Unofficial JEDI JCL and JVCL patch for Delphi XE8.
The VCL Styles Utils is working fine under XE8. (All the tests passed) Check these screenshots with the new VCL Style glow included in RAD Studio XE8
Cooking the next version the #Delphi IDE Colorizer with #XE8 support .
Lots of !!! in Dear Developers, I’m pleased to announce the new main version of X-DBGrid….
Feature: Added property collector for Delphi XE8. v1.6.0.131. Version 1.6 History | Continua CI.
FinalBuilder Bug Fix – Delphi XE8 Options were not visible in the options dialog. Version History | FinalBuilder 7.
SourceForge demos are ready: RAD Studio Demo Code / Code / [r1877] /branches/RadStudio_XE8.
Delphi XE8 update for List-Delphi-Installed-Packages.ps1 jeroenp / / commit / ff7495b1363f — Bitbucket.
XE8 Experimental GExperts Version 1.37 2015-04-11 released » twm’s blog.
XE8 ANN: WYSIWYG HTML Editor Released….
FixInsight 2015.04 release. What’s New * Delphi XE8….
XE8 support in kbmMW v. 4.80.00 Professional,….
betas of MadExcept are usually very stable, the new MadExcept for XE8 From the madExcept forums….


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