Delphi XE7 Have iOS SDK8.3 – can’t get it to use SDK7.1 instead


I have XE7 and want to play about with some ios development prior to forking out for a license. I have XE7 on Windows 7 in VMware, running the latest version of XCode and OSX – and it came with (or got – I don’t really understand macs much!) Simulator 8.3. Googling around it seemed 8.1 wasn’t supported yet, so doubt 8.3 is – when I compile the app it provisions to the simulator fine but doesn’t run – just opens the splashscreen then shuts down again.

I installed Simulator 7.1 on OSX/XTools – but when I try and add the SDK on the “Add a new SDK option, only iPhoneSimulator 8.3 is shown.

Any suggestions?


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