Cross platform firemonkey dll


I have main VCL application which uses dll plugins (VCL too).

I started with conversion of plugins from VCL to Firemonkey. I am now loading some firemonkey dll’s with VCL app. Of course I am taking care of GDI+ loading and unloading as suggested by Stephen Ball (

I also made small workaround to automatically load and unload GDI+ inside dll instead in caller app to keep it easier for use with eg. C++, C# etc.. So caller app doesn’t need to explicitly load GDI+ (it’s done by plugin). But still when working on Windows I have to include WinAPI.GDIPOBJ in my DLL.

My question how this could be done on MacOs while there is no WinAPI.GDIPOBJ? As I am aware Firemonkey uses OpenGL on MacOs.

I would like to keep my dylib available for other non-firemonkey callers(apps) on MacOs.


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