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There are cool technical articles appearing all over the Internet including right here on the Embarcadero Community. Here are a few developer tips and tricks articles that are appearing on blogs, web sites and communities that will help you do more with Delphi.
How-To use AdMob Interstitial Ads with Delphi XE7-XE8 by Daniele Spinetti
Daniele’s article shows you how to use Delphi and the Google Mobile Ads SDK (Androidapi.JNI.AdMob Delphi unit) so you can use the new Interstitials Ads provided by AdMob. The article reminds you to set the AdMob entitlements setting and shows you sample code and a screen shot for the sample app.
Unit Testing and Test-Driven Development with TestInsight by David Millington
In this article, David discusses Test Driven Development, how to set up your unit tests and test projects. The article goes on to show you how to use Stefan Glienke’s TestInsight within the Delphi IDE. TestInsight supports DUnit, DUnit2 and DUnitX (which is now supported in Delphi XE8)
Ten Tips For Migrating From C# and .NET To Multi-Platform Object Pascal and Delphi Firemonkey by Eli M.
In this article by Eli, he gives you 10 tips you can share with your C#/.NET developer friends and show them the power and beauty of programming using Delphi XE8 for multi-device application development. Thank you, Delphi community, for continuing to create great content for developers.
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