TMediaPlayer Error – Unsupported Media File


I am trying to play a mp3 file from Firemonkey XE7 windows application. It should have been a simple task by putting a TMediaPlayer component, assigning it a .mp3 file, and just playing it. However, I get the following error:

Application Error
Exception EReadError in module MediaPlayerTest.exe at 00000000000012139E.
Error reading MediaPlayer1.FileName: Unsupported media file testfile.mp3.

I have also tried .wav, and it didn’t work either.
(Audio codec have already been installed and the media files can successfully be played by windows media player.)

I then try compiling the very same program on another computer, and it can be compiled successfully and the mp3 plays just fine.

Does anyone know why it doesn’t compile on one computer but does on another?

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