Memory leak in Delphi ‘’ for FireMonkey in Win32. Am I using it correctly?


I’ve applied the ‘’ from the FireMonkey Premium Styles Pack for RAD Studio XE7 and get a memory leak on closing my app. I am wondering if I am using TStyleBook correctly, although various other styles work fine. This is what I’m doing with a very simple test in XE7 that shows the problem.

Use File | New | Multi-device application (then choose blank application for simplicity).
Set the target platform to Win32.
Drop a TStyleBook on the form and edit the Form’s ‘stylebook’ property to point to this.
To the project source, add: ReportMemoryLeaksOnShutdown := true;
Run the project, it should open and close fine.
Double-click the style book. Click ‘load’ and nominate the style file “”.
Click ‘Apply and close’
Run the project again. You see the style applied to form and border etc.
When you close it you see a memory leak.

I’ve played around trying to dispose the stylebook on shutdown etc. but to no avail. Am I using TStyleBook correctly?

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