ListBox Item Detail causes Text to trim in Firemonkey Delphi XE7


This isn’t necessarily code-specific, due to the nature of Firemonkey styles.

I have a list of items, each representing a language, and each TListBoxItem has its style-lookup set to listboxitemsrightdetail.

The detail of the TListBoxItem contains the accent of the language, for example English (US) or English (UK), where (US) and (UK) are placed in the detail of the TListBoxItem.

So far so good.

The problem I am having is that the area or container of the detail item takes up so much space in the TListBoxItem that the actual text is trimmed down, basically cut in half followed by three punctuations.

So English (UK) is trimmed down to Engli… (UK).

How can I set the detail-container so that it autosizes to its text width?

The problem occurs even if there’s plenty of room for the text to be fully visible.

Any ideas?

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