iOS app with Delphi XE7 and XCode 6.2 crashes


In an attempt to solve another problem, I upgraded my XCode from 6.1.1 to 6.2.
Now I can no longer run any application from Delphi XE7 upd1 in the simulator – not even an empty app. Always get an error in Delphi when run from Delphi: Unable to create process or some times Debugger Assertion Failure rproxy.cpp line 663.

The app is deployed, but when I try to start it directly in the simulator with a click on the icon, it only shows the splashscreen shortly and then closes/crashes.

Problem is the same no matter if I choose to target Simulator7.1 or Simulator8.2 (always runs in Simulator 7.1 on the Mac anyway). Also the same both for Debug and Release mode. Choosing Device as target works fine with an iOS8.2 iPad!

How to solve this problem with the simulator?
(did anyone make it work with XCode 6.2?)

PS. I have also asked this question on the Embarcadero forum, but since it is down 80% of the time, there is no chance anyone can answer it.

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