InterBase Change Views Demo and Video


InterBase Change Views Example Demo
This week I hosted a Skill Sprints session looking at InterBase Change Views with an example set of code working around a Pharmacy needing to keep centralised drug information updated at distributed pharmacies.
The example code will ship with the next major release of the RAD Studio products – which you can get for free with the current RAD offer

This InterBase Change Views Example demo shows off this powerful way to track on the server what data is changing in a very lightweight and scalable way.
This Skill Sprint Video for InterBase Change Views follows on from the recent blog posts I have done on Change Views which are available here:
InterBase Change Views blogs
What is a Change View?
Creating a Change View
Using a Change View
InterBase Change Views in Spanish
Last week CodeRage III Brazil ran with a host of great sessions in Spanish, covering RTTI, App Tethering, DataSnap and FireDAC and also InterBase. Back in December I hosted the product Launch of InterBase XE7 at CodeRage 9, and it has been great working with Dormevilly and Fernando to get an updated Spanish version done, including some of the great capabilities we have today with Change Views. Great job guys

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