Firemonkey mobile menu like with CSS display block and display none


I have been searching for days, but I didn’t find anything which answered my question or solved my problem.
I want to build an Android app for recipes. For this app I need a menu like one can build with CSS where one can hide and show “submenues”.
You can see what I mean (if I couldn’t explain it detailed enough) for example here:

When the application is started it just should show the “categories”.
Clicking on a category it should open its according submenu with the recipes (items) belonging to this category.
A second click on the category should hide the submenu.
(The android app “Recipe Pal” has such a feature, but it doesn’t suit all the needs for my own app)

Is it possible to build something like this with Firemonkey?
I started using Delphi XE7.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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