Create a customized Item Appearance for ListView Delphi XE7


Im having a lot of trouble trying to create a customized item appearance for the TListView firemonkey control for Delphi XE7. What i want is to define my own “design” for what an item should be and use that item. For example :

I would like to have an item with a Title(on top) – A Description(Middle) – A Date (Bottom) – Button(Right).

I could not find any good documentation about this but i got some samples of how to create an TListView with muti details, but the problem is : that sample is not documented so is very hard to understand whats going on there.

I would like to have a link or some explanation of how to do this, or if theres other way to achive what i want. I have tryed using TListBox but the performance on mobile is a little bad. I have to say that i could make whaat i want with TListBox, but this is the problem… The performance.

So i would like to have a control to list items(that i can create by my own) with a good performance.


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