Brutal way to prevent memory errors in Delphi XE7: rename DLLs, loose part of the functionality, but less memory issues – via G+


When the suggestions from Out-of-Memory in RAD XE7 and -noparser from Tried to patch BDS.exe fails to, then this suggestion by Brian Hamilton on G+ might work:
From a post in the EMB forum, a work around for XE7 is
I follow the hint of Thomas Grusche renaming the following files:


This makes the XE7 IDE usable again.
Just the refactoring feature aren’t available anymore.

This came out of Paul Thornton‘s fun post:
I just had an idea for a great utility. It sits in the tool tray and monitors bds.exe for out of memory errors. Each time one is thrown it:

Restarts the IDE,
Reports a QC incident,
Sends an email to Marco and Jim

Who wants a copy? 🙂
-noparser stops error insight and the building of the structure pane.  Refactoring and parameter hints still work.

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