XML XSLT Transformation in XE7 FireMonkey (iOS)


Been spinning my wheels for days now…

Does anyone know how to do an XML/XSLT transform in Delphi XE7 FireMonkey (for iPad/iOS)?

I know my XML and XSL files are working, as a test I have added the XSL stylesheet tag to my XML file and dropped it into IE to test (from my Windwos7 machine), ended up with exactly what I needed (a well formatted HTML page).

This is what I’ve done:
1) Drop a TXMLTransform (from the XML section of palette) onto my Mobile form
2) Created following routine:

procedure THeaderFooterwithNavigation.LoadHtml( AXML: String;
AXSL: String );
// Transform XML and place HTML into our WebBrowser
XMLTransform1.SourceXmlFile := AXML;
XMLTransform1.TransformationFile := AXSL;
FWebBrowser.LoadFromStrings( XMLTransform1.Data, ” {ABaseURL} );
on E: Exception do
DisplayHtmlError( E.Message, AXMLFileName );

I also tried to insert the style sheet tag within the XML file and just load the XML into IE, did not work.

The XML and XSL files both have encoding=”UTF-8″, but for some reason, it only works in Windows.

Is there a recommended way to do this?
Is there a specific library I should be using for iOS?

Please do not point me to any Windows library/links, I need this to work on iOS (an iPad) using FireMonkey XE7.

Please pardon my ignorance and thank you in advance,

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