IDC Mobile OS Data for 2014: Stability


The mobile OS market has been very stable this year, after much turmoil, according to the IDC data. The data is here:
I’ve sen different comments, either

highlighting Android 80% lead and the first year they shipped 1 billion devices;
or comments highlighting that Android and iOS combined leave less than 5% to others;
and finally comments on the market share reduction to less than 3% of Windows phone (despite the focus on low cost terminals)

But while each of the past year had seen big shifts in percentages among different operating systems, the way you can read last year data is the market is getting older and more stable, with only two OS players out there, one focused on the rich high end, and the other on volume.
Of course it is great you can write Delphi and C++Builder applications for both of them, using the same source code, but that’s not really the point of this blog post…

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