How to add GUI components in FireMonkey


I have started a new FireMonkey Desktop Application in C++Builder XE5 Update 2. I changed the settings Use dynamic RTL to unchecked, and Link with runtime packages to unchecked (otherwise the program gives access violation on startup when run), but other than that, made no changes.

The program runs OK as a blank form with nothing on it. Based on internet tutorials, it looks like it should be possible to add controls to the form in the same way as a VCL application. However nothing appears in my tool palette:

Only the “Frames” is there and no other controls. If I try to add a Frames it says No frames are available to insert. New frames may be created from the File|New|Other selections..

When I go to File|New|Other|FireMonkey Frame, the error occurs Error creating form: Access violation at address 0B6CD96E in module ‘fmxdesigner190.bpl’. Read of address 00000000.

How do I add controls to the Form?

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