Delphi Blogs of the Week (or Month) #26


It has really been a moth, and with all that was going on (including Delphi Week and trips) I ended up not blogging. Here is some not so new stuff, you might have missed, so it is worth underlining.
News From Embarcadero

Need to recompile your iOS apps for 64bit? Read

Having Out-Of-Memory issues in the IDE? While we work on a “real” solution, there are some workarounds listed at

iOS 8.1.3 app deployment step (while we work on a hotfix) at (Option C is the most universal solution)
The Enterprise Move from CA ERwin to ER/Studio Continues with Major Customer Win, press release at

Plus there are some great new offers for RAD Studio, including the ability to pay the upgrade price from very old versions if you also buy a 1-year update subscription, and a different offer including a shorter update subscription so you can get the next release for free. Details at

Technical Blogs

Brian Long on Delphi and Android services (take 3) at

Sarina on iPhone 6 style designer template at

Test Insight by Stefan at

Paralle Programming Library: Rob on TTask how (not) to at and on exceptions management in the PPL at while Stefan has further ideas on the same at

Craig on file handling at

General Info and Blogs

Nice interview to Darren by Jim at

Delphi Week
It was a lot of fun with great content. Was hoping to find time to blog, but I didn’t. You can get a summary of the core YouTube videos in the YouTube channel at //, but if there is one thing I’ll remember is Jim’s Code Monkey video at (fantastic job).

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