TMS Syntax Memo Demo For Delphi XE6 Firemonkey


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function aiShowIframe() { jQuery(“#advanced_iframe_4”).css(“visibility”, “visible”);} function aiShowIframeId(id_iframe) { jQuery(id_iframe).css(“visibility”, “visible”);} function aiResizeIframeHeight(height) { aiResizeIframeHeight(height,advanced_iframe_4); } function aiResizeIframeHeightId(height,id) {
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var ifrm_advanced_iframe_4 = document.getElementById(“advanced_iframe_4”);
var hiddenTabsDoneadvanced_iframe_4 = false;
function resizeCallbackadvanced_iframe_4() {}
Firemonkey HTML5 Powered by WebFMX
TMS Pack for Firemonkey contains the syntax memo component.
Rapid application development with the Firemonkey framework means a faster way to design, develop, integrate, test, and deploy apps. Professional developers know what counts when building apps fast: one cross platform codebase, easy to read and write code, expansive third party component support, and fast visual UI development.
Firemonkey supports Android, IOS, Windows, OSX, and HTML5.

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