Positioning of custom list box item components in Delphi XE5, Firemonkey


I’ve customised the style of a Firmeonkey list box item in such a way that now it can consist of 4 TLables in it. Each of the lable has Alignment as alNone.
I’m setting position of each of them in my code whenever i need to add any item. I’ve observed that when my list has scroll bar and if first component is not visible (i.e. i’ve scrolled down enough) at that time if i re-add all the items again in list box, then the position of TLabels in first items (or items which are not shown) get distorted.

For setting positions I am using below code :

(tmpListBoxItem.FindStyleResource(‘txtCol2’) As TLabel).Position.X :=
(tmpListBoxItem.FindStyleResource(‘txtCol2’) As TLabel).Position.X + (tmpListBoxItem.FindStyleResource(‘txtCol2’) As TLabel).Width;

Any suggesstions, how can i overcome this issue.

Padam Jain

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