FireMonkey: opening image with native gallery


I’ve got a Firemonkey mobile application using Delphi XE6. The app can take photos from camera or library (using standard actions) and display them on the form. I would now like to display the image when I click on it. The simplest way for that seems to open it with the native gallery app.

From what I gathered from my searches, the way to do it in Eclipse with Java (OnClick method) would be something like this:

Intent intent = new Intent();
startActivityForResult(Intent.createChooser(intent, “Select Picture”),SELECT_IMAGE);

This obviously wouldn’t work in Delphi (unless I can use the Androidapi somehow? is that possible?), but there has got to be some other way of doing it in a FMX way of thinking. I’ve searched through the standard actions and available components but can’t seem to find any way of opening the photo with the gallery.

Any ideas?

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