Delphi FireMonkey – best practice for managing files when using multiple targets?


Hoping for some guidance here.

I have made an app which includes media (.mp3 and .m4v files). I added these to the project’s deployment, and set the remote path (assets\internal for Android, Startup\Documents for iOS). When I run the app from within the IDE the whole thing is successfully deployed to the Android/iOS emulator/device and it runs.

Now, to make testing and debugging a bit easier I made a Win32 target but it appears things don’t work the same way between Win32 and the mobile targets. Specifically, when you run the app it doesn’t automatically make a copy of any the files marked for deployment. Perhaps this all stands to reason; I guess I just assumed the experience would be consistent across all the targets.

I have found I can copy the files and folders into the Win32\Debug and Win32\Release folders and they can then be found by my app, but is this optimal?

Just wondering what those of you who are more experienced do to manage a situation like this? What is “best practice”, so to speak, for managing files which are to be bundled with an app when you have multiple targets?

Thank you.

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