Custom styles in mobile FireMonkey


Used: Appmethod 1.14

I need to design an application with a custom style. Placing a TStyleBook on the form and double-clicking it opens the Style Designer but it is empty, so I need to load one of the *.fsf or *.style files shipped with Appmethod / RAD Studio. I would like to make a design based on the standard Android and iOS design (the ones that are used in the IDE if no custom style applied), but where do I find the style files? My problem: There is an “AndroidLight.fsf” file which looks exactly like the default (hard coded?) Android design in the IDE. I can modify it and it works in Android. This is nice. But I can’t use the same style for iOS (I need to use one single style for Android and iOS), because the App just freezes (if I use a TStyleBook) or shows me an error that the style cannot be loaded from resource (if I add it as a resource and load from there):

procedure TUserDataForm.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
Style: TFMXObject;
MainScroll := VertScrollBox1;

{$IFDEF Android}
// works
Style := TStyleManager.LoadFromResource(HInstance, ‘DSRAndroidIOS’, RT_RCDATA);
// Can’t load same style file
Style := TStyleManager.LoadFromResource(HInstance, ‘DSRAndroidIOS’, RT_RCDATA);
if Style <> nil then

And I couldn’t find any other *.style or *.fsf file shipped with Appmethod / RAD Studio, which looks like the standard iOS 7 design in the IDE. I could try to start adding my own style-sections in the Style Designed, but how do I know which names to use and how the style hirarchy is structured? Is there an overview some where?

I found 6 files without a file extension in the folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\14.0\bin\ios\”. They seem to be binary style files (opened with a Hex editor) but I can’t load them in the StyleDesiger, error: “Error reading TSubImage.SourceRect.LeftI: Property SourceRect.LeftI does not exists” (or similar – translated from german).

Edit: Ok, I have the styles now. I extracted them myself from a compiled mobile FireMonkey project with iOS as target platform. Used an hex editor for that. But I would like to know if the styles are stored somewhere else maybe?

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