C++ Builder XE6 3D Firemokey TModel3D adding texture


I just upgraded (yesterday) to XE6 from XE2. I’ve been working on a desktop application to display a static model of a sports field, with a moving ball above it based on coordinates. I had been using Irrlicht, but if I can avoid using 3rd party apps, I’d like to. It looks like Firemonkey can do all the same stuff, so I’m trying to get it going in that.

Problem is, I can’t find anything useful on how to associate a texture with an imported .obj file. I feel like it shouldn’t be difficult. I’ve got a TLight, a TModel3D, and there’s no options in the Object inspector to link it to a texture image. I’ve tried adding a texture object to it, nothing shows up. There are tutorials for all sorts of other shapes, but not the TModel3D. It seems like it should go in the MeshCollection, but that’s not working either. The forums are down right now, otherwise I’d ask in the embarcadero page.

Any help would be appreciated. I have no code because I’m just putting objects in the .fmx



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