Integrate Cloud Services with the REST/JSON Client


As part of the free Developer Skill Sprint on REST & JSON here are my slides and sample source code. Appmethod, RAD Studio, Delphi & C++Builder XE6 ship with the Desktop sample RESTDemos sample which includes examples for:

Google Tasks
Plus Some others

That includes both OAuth1 and OAuth2 usage. My Dropbox demo is a mobile app written in both C++ and Object Pascal. It uses OAuth2 and the mobile TWebBrowser to perform the authentication. You can view and download the slides as well. Useful links:

DocWiki with Examples
CodeRage 8 – Dive into Details of REST library
CodeRage 8 – REST Library – Tool of Many Trades
Blog Posts in C++

Weather API
Phillips Hue Lights
Surf Spot Finder

Blog Posts in Object Pascal

JT “Endless Possibilities”
Sarina DuPont with Beats Audio
Sarina DuPont with Surf Spot Finder
Sarina DuPont with Using FDMemTable

So upgrade to XE6 or download the trial today.
Here is the video for the Skill Sprint:

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